Hills Hoops is a fantastic program which offers boys and girls aged 5-10 years old the opportunity to get a feel for basketball in a fun and safe environment.

It provides opportunities to learn the skills of basketball as well as opportunities to play with your friends and develop important social skills in a convenient, safe and friendly environment.

Whether you are committed to becoming a champion or just want to get into the sport of basketball, Hills Hoops will offer appropriate ways to get your children involved in basketball.



KDBA offers development and fun camps during the April, July and October school holidays. These camps provide a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for newcomers who may be wanting to try basketball for the first time, whilst also developing current players through fun drills and games.

Our Upcoming October Camp Details are as follows;

When: 5-9 October
Where: Ray Owen Sports Centre, 96 Gladys Rd, Lesmurdie
Who: Boys & Girls of all skill levels aged 5 – 16
Time: 9am – 3pm
Cost: $35 / day or $120 / week



Rising Suns (previously Little Ballers) is a non-competitive league where teams and players who are new to the game can learn the rules of basketball and get used to game situations.

Rising Suns games run under a set of modified rules which are slightly different for each of its three levels. Each level is designed to get players used to the main rules of the game such as traveling, double dribble etc. The games are “officiated” by referees/development coaches in a way where play will be halted when a player violates one of the rules.
In many of these cases the referee/coach will explain the rule to the player and give them back the ball at the sideline. A copy of the modified rules for the Rising Suns development league can be found here.
As a guide, Level 1 is suggested for players around the age of 9 and under, Level 2 is for players aged 9-10 and Level 3 is for players around the ages of 9-11. Players who are 11 or slightly older may be able to play in the Rising Suns league provided that they are still learning the game.


KDBA is committed to the success of basketball and continues to embrace the support from the Kalamunda and neighbouring communities.

As part of our community approach we launched a new initiative back in 2011 called ‘Takin’ it to the Schools’ where we offer basketball clinics to all primary schools covering basic skills used in basketball via a range of drills and games designed to be about fun and participation.

If you would like to make a booking or enquire about having your school associated with our new program please don’t hesitate to contact the stadium on 9291 7600.